Thursday, April 6, 2017

Cyclops hate

After when Percy entertained the yacht Luke said he feels dispirited at Annebeth for hanging around Tyson. The reason why he probably said that was because probably a cyclopes killed her . That is why they both hate them. When Percy was escaping the yacht he was able to lift up so much water. I predict if kronos comes back he will probably try to use a lot f water to kill him.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Where is Grover?

 Percy and then got to see Hermes, but Hermes wants to apologize. Hermes  said he is mad because he wasn't a good dad. I think that what Hermes is doing is a good idea because it might want him to stop. However when Percy goes to get Grover he is not there. I think the probably sent him to the sea of monster to see if it was ok to go.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Giver. Movie vs. Book

      Have you ever thought what was better,The book or the movie? The giver is also one. Today I will be telling you what I think is better. I  think the Movie is better than the book because It kinda has a villain like the chief elder, There is more conflict between Jones and Fiona, and there is more action and more intense. There are still more changes that made the movie better like making jones older rather than being 12 because they wanted to show fiona's and jones relationship, The motorcycle chase made the movie more intense because in the book he was riding his bike, and when the giver gave Jones the memories by his hands rather than making him raising up his shirt to give him the memories.
    Going back to the reason why they made Jones 16 rather than 12 was because in the movie there is more of a relationship between Jones and fiona Because it would be weird for a 12 year old kiss another kid. In the book it should that jones likes Fiona but they really don't show it in the book. In the book it was kinda like a side character like she was there but it really didn't show them having a good relationship. In the movie Jones does more stuff with fiona than Asher. With Jones being older it made the movie not intense and
Kinda making it better. I also like the reason why they made him 16 because when you are 16 you get more responsibility but you're still you kinda of like a kid like being 12.
    In the book the chief elder was kinda not really important but she showed up a couple of time. However in the movie she was kinda like the villain because she didn't want Jones to release the memories, she wanted Fiona released, and wanted Asher to kill jones. All She wanted to do is keep the community safe and not destroyed. She also does not believe that when the memories will be released it won't be a safe design. She was also curious about jones and his training because he was trying to tell Fiona about his training. In the movie it was more high tech so they can see what everyone is doing and she didn't want Jones and Fiona to be together.
      The giver movie is more intense and has more action like when the chief elder went to the house of the giver and went to capture him.
    In the giver movie there were some changes to the movie but you can still understand the movie to the book. However the movie hard more action. When Jones stole the motorcycle and the motorcycle chase. The one part that got me interested is when Jones is about to leave the community and he punches Asher. I got shocked and got me really into it. I like it how they also made Asher chase after Jones. I like the movie better but that doesn't mean that I don't like the book. This was probably my favorite book.    


Monday, April 3, 2017

Gover gets kidnapped 4/4

     Grover gets kidnapped by some people and just vanished. They also had this green orb before they left. I think that Luke sent them because he's going to the Golden Fleece and they had to take Grover because he’s a sader, so they had to take him.I also don't think that Tyson Is the son of Poseidon because he’s a cyclops 

Greek Cab? 4/3/16

     This cab comes and gets them but this would probably be important. They they said these numbers 30, 31, 75, 12 but I don't know what that could be used for, but they could use it if they go to a puzzle. Another reason why they could use these is a password for an entire. Who knows? 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Interview with friend’s grandma

I was talking to my friend about my project because I had no one else to interview,so I asked if I can do the interview with his grandma. I have known her for awhile but that was from a long time ago. I then had to get in contact with her, so I can get the interview ready and a place and time. It was awkward when I was first talking to her because I knew nothing about her. It was Saturday afternoon it was raining, I was over my friends house waiting for his grandma to come by. It was awkward then eventually we started doing the interview and I felt like I started knowing the person. It was kinda weird doing the interview at his house. During the interview I was sick so when I was recording I could her the loud noise of me blowing my nose into the tissue.
        Her gray white short hair was shining when the light came by. Her voice was soft like I can talk to her without being afraid. She wears glasses about a square and about 1 in long in the lense. Has brown eyes that shines when the light was reflecting off . She is nice,happy,joyful and positive, may be one of the happiest people I have ever meet. Sometime she might have made me repeat the question to remember.
I asked my first question “ how was your family now and then?” I first asked what's her name and age. She is 70 years old, born 1946 and her name is Wendy beckett. “Growing up I had 2 sisters and had 2 kids. Matthew is the oldest and Alison.I also have 2 step daughters.” She has 8 grandchildren. Bryan is the oldest and lives in orange county ,alana and also is in orange county and is finishing up art school to become a graphic designer, mataho who is 16 and live in San Luis and gos to high school, Dylan who is 12 and goes to Laguna middle school and has a cousin named paige who is 12 and also goes to laguna middle school, luca who is soon to be 12, ruby who is 10, and Stella who is 7. Her parent are called Walter and linda green. She doesn't remember much when she was younger but all she remembers is that she lived a normal life but...
I then asked my second question “How was life in high school?”. She moved school when she was in the 10th grade to go to hamilton high school in Los Angeles. Moving to the new school she didn’t really have a lot of friends because many of them went to school together since kindergarten, so it was hard to make such good friends but had a few. The biggest event she remember was when President Kennedy was assassinated. She was walking through the quad and she said  “everyone had transistor radios up to their ears” and many people were crying, the teachers were crying and many felt sad that day.
I asked my third question “ what were some hard and challenging things that happened in your life?” One of the challenges was when she married the wrong person. That marriage affected her later in her adult life and even today. However she didn't tell me what were something that he did wrong because I can tell he probably did something with her that affected her bad.  “Then many years later I meet a wonderful man” . They were married for 11 years then later he died. When I was talking about him I saw some tears coming out, I can tell that they loved each other a lot . He died because he had a soft ogio cancer. He had it for about a year and a half. “He went through a lot of unpleasant surgery and medical procedures and watched them slowly die”. Another hard thing  that happened was she had a non biglin mate brain tumor, then later got surgery and is fine to this day.
I asked my fourth  question “how is your life today and how are you doing” I’m doing ok… after Jim died I had to change my life quit a bit and start living as a single person again.”  She went back to doing art and she never told me anything about her doing art. Right now she owns a jewelry business and is teaching workshops. Every year she does something open studio every year in which artist open their studio to the public so people can see and sell them art.
I then asked my final question. “What are somethings interesting that happened in your life”. But first she asked me why i was doing the interview. I told her about it and the book we were reading and then she told me that after the war there were still pregist and she was in grammar school in the sixth grade and it was christmas time and the teacher said “Ok class we’re going to make christmas cards” she then said “wendy  you can make a hanukkah card” because she was jewish. Then the boy she was friends with for so long and his name was ray and he said “you dirty jew!”. She was still good friends with him surprisingly after that  and to this day she doesn’t know why he said it or why.           

Thursday, December 1, 2016

the end of the gold rush

Today I read After The Gold Rush. After the gold rush many people where sad about no more gold. The gold rushed helped out many people out. A lot of people became a started living near or going back home and helping their family. It lasted from 1848 –1855 after realizing that there was no more gold to find people started giving up and left. In the end the gold rush help out a lot of people wit some not having any money to making their life better.